Our service bodies and heavy-duty Cranemaster service bodies keep tools, materials, parts and equipment organized for field service, installation and maintenance work of all types. No more trips back to the shop for that forgotten tool—with the right service body, your shop goes on the road with you.

    Master Mechanic™ Series. The highest quality, most user friendly, versatile, functional, and safe body available. We've put all of our design experience into this proven lineup of heavy duty work truck bodies that cover all the needs of mobile and mechanic businesses for smarter and more efficient work. Rethink the way you work and reap the efficiency and organization benefits of our Master Mechanic™ Series.

    Reading enclosed van bodies and panel bodies provide all the benefits of a standard service body plus a secure, protected work area so you can get your work done even in unfavorable conditions. Choose from standard and increased-height models that give you all the space you need for working out in the elements.

    Our dump bodies feature heavy-duty steel construction, durable hoists, payload capacities to meet your demands and optional drop sides. Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, they’ll lighten your load over the long haul. Our dump bodies also include rugged materials and corrosion-resistant coatings to ensure years of reliable use.

    Reading offers a versatile line of platform bodies, stake bodies and landscape truck bodies designed for easy loading, hauling and unloading of large equipment and bulky items. They can be outfitted with removable side rails and stake body truck racks for maximum flexibility.

    Whatever your particular challenges and needs, Reading can design and build the utility truck body to get the job done. We manufacture custom panel bodies, bucket trucks, combination platform/panel tops and other custom configurations for utilities, construction, HVAC, excavation and many other vocational industries.

    Outfit your Reading work truck body with storage boxes and equipment racks to create the perfect setup for your unique needs. We know every business has their own specific storage and material handling requirements, so custom-order your Reading work truck body to match the way you work instead of making do with what's available at other truck body suppliers.

There's working hard and then there's working smart. Here at Reading Truck Body, we have spent years finding smarter work truck body solutions for our customers. We design and build a wide range of work truck bodies that adapt to the way you work out in the field and at your remote job sites. All of our designs include features that make your job easier and help you stay organized and add extra value to your truck body purchase, including:

  • Solid construction
  • Durable materials
  • Corrosion-resistant coatings
  • Proven hardware and security
  • Flexible storage and loading solutions
  • Custom design options

Don't settle for a good-enough solution when you can choose a proven Reading service body and reap all the benefits of our lineup. We carry a work truck body that suits every need, so check out our product lines below and learn more about the great features, specifications and capabilities. Our team is always available to answer any questions you have and we're sure we have a service body that can meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Reading service truck bodies are made in the USA using premium materials and advanced production techniques. For 60 years, we’ve led the industry with innovations such as our exclusive E-coat primer and powder coat processes, which resist corrosion better than any other finish on the market, and our range of standard features and options. Our advanced processes also allow us to offer some of the fastest delivery times and best warranties on service truck bodies in the industry.

Take a look. You’ll find there simply isn’t a better body, backed by better service, anywhere.