Landscaper Truck Bodies

Landscaper SL

Landscaper SL

When you work in landscaping or any other rugged industry that requires transporting equipment and materials over paved roads and bumpy and challenging terrain, it pays to have a truck body that’s built to last and perform to the highest standards. Our Landscaper SL truck body features solid, welded sides and a scissor hoist ideal for transporting loose and bulk materials. From a high-gloss polyester finish that’s corrosion, chemical, humidity, scratch, chip and UV resistant to an all-weather hydraulic pump and motor cover on the scissor hoist and in-cab tethered hand-held control, these landscape truck bodies offer year-round productivity.

SL models come available in nine-foot, 10-foot and 12-foot sizes with 42” to 54” bulkhead heights and 12” to 40” cab guards. Units can handle approximate weights from 2,280 lbs to 2,625 lbs. Whether you work in lawn care, construction landscaping, municipal, nursery and a variety of other businesses, you won’t find a better body or a better partner than Reading Truck Body.

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Landscaping is a competitive industry in which having the right types of equipment provides an operational advantage. When you’re looking for an economical and effective solution for transporting your machines, tools, supplies and materials safely and efficiently, Reading Truck Body is the go-to source for everything you require. We offer an array of options in landscape trucks designed to stand up to your toughest applications and environments and get more done in your workday.

Reading’s Landscaper SL is an ideal truck body for transporting loose, bulk and skidded materials such as mulch, soil and rock.  All of our landscape truck bodies are built using high-quality materials and the latest tools and technology right here in the U.S.A.

The Landscaper SL platform body features a 50° angle scissor hoist with an 8-13 ton capacity, tarp tie-down cleats, a fully welded cab guard, rear swing-out barn doors with holdbacks and a side swing door for easy unloading. Options include a slide-away access ladder, fold-away access step and underbody box storage. Backed by our industry-leading 3-year warranty, the Landscaper SL is the truck body of choice for landscape, nursery and lawn care professionals who want quality, American-made equipment.

Whether you need a landscape body versatile enough for residential projects or with the rugged reliability to handle heavy-duty commercial applications, Reading has you covered. Our experienced team will assist in analyzing your needs to identify the landscape truck bed that’s best suited to your project requirements. In addition to our broad variety of standard platform bodies for landscapers, we’re also able to customize a model with the dimensions and features configured to your specifications.

Trust the service and utility truck body company with a proven track record of successfully building high-performance solutions for our customers for over 60 years. We are among the largest truck equipment manufacturers in the U.S., delivering the right combination of quality products, precision processes and attention to detail you’re looking for at prices that make sense to your bottom line. From our impressive headquarters in Reading, PA to our company-operated equipment and distribution centers located across the country, we’re able to provide the top-quality products and services you need fast to keep your landscaping, hauling and towing or contracting business moving in the right direction.