Redi-Dek Hauler Truck Bodies

Redi-Dek Hauler Body

Redi-Dek Hauler Body

Hauling equipment or handling materials with a standard pickup — or an aging truck body — is often unsafe and inefficient, even inhibiting what you can do on a day-to-day basis. If you’re searching for something better to unlock your truck’s full potential, the Redi-Dek™ hauler body will serve as the perfect pickup bed replacement, touting a compact platform that’s ideal for securely hauling equipment and light machinery.

Reading Truck Body has evolved over the past 60 years to become one of the premier national providers in the truck body industry. We’ve embraced innovation while never comprising on our dedication to providing the best products for our clients — and the Redi-Dek™ hauler truck bed is an excellent example.

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What Sets Our Hauler Truck Beds Apart From the Competition?

We construct our units from heavy-duty steel. They come available in 8.5’, 10’, 11’ and 12’ body lengths to meet a variety of client demands. You will enjoy customizing your new body to fit your specifications, as we can configure your Redi-Dek™ hauler body to have contractor sides, an overhead material rack or a gooseneck trailer hitch.

While making your truck more functional and serviceable is a top priority for us, we also want to ensure that our hauler truck beds provide unparalleled reliability, durability and long-term value.

A slotted steel bulkhead allows for improved driver visibility to the rear, and a full-width rear apron with recessed LED taillights — which we shock-mount with rubber grommets — provides increased safety and protection.

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When you work in general contracting, residential landscaping, commercial construction, heavy haul and delivery, and countless other industries, you require top-tier transportation methods. Those methods will help tremendously with getting your equipment, tools, supplies and materials to the jobsite safely and efficiently, as that’s half the battle in being successful.

At Reading, we specialize in manufacturing platform & hauler truck bodies, service trucks and truck equipment that are all built to last and perform in the most challenging daily applications. Whether you need a solution for transporting compact machinery, heavy equipment, loose or bulk items, pallets and more, we’ll help you find the platform truck bed and required rack or railing that fits your budget and your specifications.

We’ve listened to you, as well as all other truck distributors, contractors and fleet managers throughout the years, to realize your ideal truck bodies. Our custom, finely tuned American craftsmanship will supply you with everything that you need.

If you have any questions about our Redi-Dek™ hauler truck body, contact us today to learn more. We also encourage you to utilize our Find a Distributor tool to benefit from an in-person experience. The distributor will walk you through available options and spec out the appropriate truck body.