Aluminum Service Bodies

Classic II Aluminum Service Body

Classic II Aluminum Service Body

The Classic II™ is Reading’s premier service body, with quality components, innovative features and Reading’s legendary durability. When you choose the Aluminum Classic II from among Reading’s aluminum truck body options, you’re choosing a product that offers customized components, weather-tight storage, corrosion resistance, increased available payload and more. Reading’s aluminum service bodies provide the same industry-leading durability you’ve come to expect from our service bodies and provide greater fuel efficiency to ensure your trucks are running for the long haul,  and save you money at the gas pumps.

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Benefits of Our Aluminum Service Bodies

Aluminum truck bodies are among Reading’s most popular service body options due to the many benefits users enjoy. Aluminum service bodies are light enough for efficiency yet tough enough for rugged industrial and construction work. These aluminum truck body and bed options allow you to provide dynamic service no matter your industry, taking advantage of their lightweight construction, durability and toughness. The passenger vehicle market is slowly catching on to the advantages of aluminum and reaping the many benefits it offers, so come and see why we have been building our service bodies and utility bodies out of aluminum for years here at Reading.

The lightweight construction of these aluminum flatbeds for pickups means cost savings as you operate. The savings associated with using an aluminum service body come at the fuel pump — and also in reduced maintenance for the vehicle itself, plus an extended lifespan for trucks that carry aluminum service bodies. Reading’s aluminum truck bodies and beds are up to 50 percent lighter than comparable steel bodies and 10 percent lighter than composite fiberglass. You’ll find that your vehicles enjoy exceptional performance when carrying aluminum services bodies, and you’ll notice the savings when you look at your annual gas and auto maintenance expenses.

For many customers, the switch to one of our proven aluminum service body vehicles pays for itself in a short amount of time and offers additional value in lower fuel, repair and maintenance costs, making it a win-win-win situation!

In addition, because of aluminum’s natural corrosion resistance, our aluminum service bodies offer exceptional durability, carrying an industry-leading 10-year warranty. Your aluminum truck bed will remain in great shape for years to come, even when you operate in challenging conditions that include frozen precipitation, humidity and other natural factors. Your service trucks will look professional and attractive as your aluminum truck body maintains its like-new look even after months and years in service. The 10-year warranty we offer on aluminum flatbed truck beds delivers added peace of mind in addition to the product’s natural durability.

And don’t think that the lightweight builds of our aluminum service bodies means less reliability, either. We use reinforced aluminum alloy steel in all of our truck bodies and you can be sure you’re getting a strong and resistant truck body that can tackle anything you and your crews throw at it.

Aluminum service bodies from Reading are also environmentally friendly, which is essential to many companies that operate with corporate social responsibility as a leading principle. Reading aluminum service bodies are made exclusively from recycled aluminum. Because recycled materials take 95 percent less energy to produce than new materials, your aluminum service truck body will save energy long before it ever hits the road. In fact, it will save even more energy when it reaches the end of the road, since all of our aluminum service bodies can be recycled and put back into service again.

There are many reasons why aluminum service bodies are among the most popular truck body products on the market. You’ll appreciate what aluminum does for your bottom line and your customers will appreciate what your company is doing for the environment. Choose your aluminum truck body today, and begin to tap into the many benefits of these lightweight and durable truck service body options from Reading. You simply won’t find a wider range, greater features or better customer service than you will with us, so contact our team today and we will help you get started finding the right aluminum service body solution for your business.

Reading: Your Source for Aluminum Truck Bodies

Reading is the company that started it all, first introducing the concept of a truck service body in the 1950s. Through our six-plus decades of service, we’ve continually evolved and improved on the initial look, feel and performance of our truck service bodies. The result of these years of experience is a selection of aluminum service bodies and other products that are at the leading edge of the industry.

When you choose aluminum truck bodies or aluminum truck beds from Reading, you can be assured you’re getting the lightweight construction and durable performance you demand from an investment in truck services bodies. We use precise manufacturing processes and only the best materials to ensure that each individual aluminum service body represents the very best of what we have to offer.

Browse through our selection of aluminum service bodies to find the best option for you and your business. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or if you need expert guidance as you consider your options, contact us directly.