From: Reading Headquarters, Covert Operations
Operative: classified Agent 489

You have been granted access to a top secret operation, should you choose to accept

Preparing Operation Access

Covert Operations at Reading Truck Body’s Headquarters has spent the past 18 months developing their newest feature in the quest for better organized work trucks

It goes by the name Redi-Gate

Intelligence has confirmed that the patent-pending Redi-Gate design is the industry’s first and only Secret, Hidden-in-the-tailgate storage space


Hidden-in-the-Tailgate Storage

More Space

Over 1.1 ft3 of additional storage space for tools, accessories
and more.

Blends in perfectly

Looks like any typical tailgate when closed. When deployed,
it sits flush to the cargo floor for safety.

Forced organization

Redi-Gate’s custom fabricated aluminum
compartment liner keeps small parts in their place.


Redi-Gate is the same height and width as the iconic Reading
tailgate, and only 2” deeper.

Secure & Hidden

Redi-Gate’s lockable compartment
door is concealed for added security.

Exclusive Classic II Feature

Available standard on Classic II service bodies.

Tough yet lightweight

Redi-Gate EX and EXP models are built
from heavy duty aluminum and stainless
steel hardware for durability.

Power where you need it

Redi-Gate EXP model adds four (4) 125V weather-resistant
GFCI outlets. Connects easily to an inverter or power source for
on-site power.

Only from reading

Redi-Gate’s innovative, patent-pending design is EXCLUSIVE
to Reading.

Operation Launch

It’s clear that Redi-Gate will change the way you think about organization.
Get your hands on Redi-Gate—the industry’s first secret, hidden-in-the-tailgate secure storage space—by proceeding to one of the following locations

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Locate an authorized distributor or fleet management specialist
who can help you get Redi-Gate for your next work truck.

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quote or schedule a demo.

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Good Luck, Agent 489