Utility crews rely on their vehicles to provide safe, reliable performance in demanding conditions ranging from night work and extreme weather to traffic and uneven terrain. Reading’s utility bodies provide the rugged construction and components utility crews need to stay safe and productive, including aerial buckets, aerial diggers, cranes and compressors. Our utility bodies are built to give lasting performance in challenging environments, delivering superior ROI on your fleet investment.


This utility truck body features a Cranemaster body with a high-reach boom crane and bucket for secure line work. The body is engineered to withstand the stresses of crane operations, with reinforced steel construction and a heavy-duty, undercoated understructure. We work with all major manufacturers in aerial equipment to insure proper fit and function. Our custom utility truck bodies provide superior structural integrity and proper weight distribution for safety and lasting performance.

The truck body maximizes cargo area while providing customized compartments for tools, small parts, pipe, shovels and more. Other features that are particularly useful for utility work include lighted compartments for night work, spring-loaded door holders to keep doors from blowing shut and catching workers’ hands, and spring-loaded, bolt-type paddle latches that can be easily slammed shut.

Reading’s Triple Protection construction, stainless steel paddle locks, patented hidden hinges and Dual Pro® door seals are built to withstand stormy weather, giving utility crews a work truck body they can count on season after season.

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